Thai Massage


A Thai massage rejuvenates your bodies vitality. It is done in a relaxing atmosphere. Sopa is Wat Po Temple trained and certified.

Wat Pho Temple is famous for being known as Thailand’s first university, and is the centre for traditional Thai Massage.The rich, famous and powerful have all been known to go there.

S11 Spa & Beauty accepts no liability to injuries or illness. Your treatment session is entered into at entirely your own risk. Please consult a medical doctor before engaging in any physical activity.

Full Body Massage 1 hour £35  – Special offer  1 hour Massage £30 Monday to Friday only

Couples Massage (1h) £70  

Full Body Massage 2 hours £70  

Full Body Massage with oil 1 hour £45

Full Body Massage with oil 2 hours £70

Foot reflexology 1 hour £45
Foot reflexology 2 hours £90

Body scrub massage 1 hour with oil & shower  £40

Infrared Sauna  £20 for 30 Minutes 

Science-Backed Benefits of Infrared Saunas

Infrared saunas are great for just about everyone but are especially beneficial for anyone working to balance their hormones or those with an autoimmune disease. Studies have found that infrared light and the sweating associated with all saunas improve your health through: